wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

6. Chicago City View

5. One more cat

Postcard from Amelia, Germany. She has two cats, like I do ;) 
She said the quotation on it means "You should be doing something that has no aim, no hurry and that doesn't pay off more often". 
Postcard went distance of 565 km in 9 days.

4. Portugese cat

This postcard is from Joana, Portugal. She choose this postcard especially for me because of my love for cats :) It's one of my favorite postcards :)
Postcard went distance of 2,521 km in 6 days.

3. Torre de Hercules

This postcrad from Chuseiro, Spain, show lighthouse Torre de Hercules, one of the oldest active lighthouse in the world.
Postcard went distance 2,057 km in 7 days.

środa, 24 sierpnia 2011

2. Sternberk Castle

This postcard is from Kamil, Czech Republic. The postcard show Sternberk Castle, builded in XIII century.
Postcard went 317 km in 7 days.

wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

1. China cat

First card I recieved was from Chun-Yi from Taiwan, who love cats like I do :) The postcard had description (in English and Chinese): "The bike was claimed." and "My cuteest uninvited guest ever."
The postcard went distance 8,752 km in 6 days.